Proverbs 20:24

There are no accidents, only divine appointments. Today we worked in a village that required driving around 20 miles on dirt roads to get to. On the way back our driver took a “wrong” turn and while trying to get back to the right road we came upon a really bad motorcycle wreck. One man had a broken leg with the bones through the skin (compound tib/fib for my medical friends) and another had a really bad cut to both his leg and chin. We stopped and me and J were able to bandage and split the broken leg and then we bandaged the other man’s leg and stitched up his chin. Sad thing is, an Ambulance drove by, slowed down, and then left! We were able to get both men headed to a hospital. All the while Pastor Nelson used this opportunity to witness to the gathering crowd. I am thankful that we were put in that place at that time, and will pray those men have a good recovery.
The Mission is going great, we have been at remote locations so updates have been intermittent. Please continue to pray for the Mission, team, and our families back at home.


     Mission work has a strange of catching up on you, emotionally speaking that is. We have been physical touching the people of Uganda for over a week now and I was overwhelmed with emotion when doing dental work on an 8 y/o girl. She had rags (I don’t know if they qualify to be called rags) for clothes and a mouth full of infection. We treated some of her physical needs by pulling rotten teeth and clothing her with a dress, but her only real hope is in Jesus Christ…..On our return home today we took an alternate route so we could go see a drum maker. On the way we came across an accident involving two men. The first patient had a compound tib/fib fracture and the second had a major laceration to his tib and his chin was split wide open. We were in the middle of no where Uganda, Africa. I guess this is what you call being in the right place at the divine time because we were able to treat both patients (as an ambulance drove by). One of whom I believe would have lost his life had we not been there. God is good! Thank you for your prayers, they are needed!


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