Getting Started

  Finally at work here in Kampala. Saw around 30 dental pts. Bill and Grace gave out 95 pairs of glasses! Justin was the gopher today, he got 9 beds for the Girl’s orphanage and braved the boda-boda (Ugandan motorcycle taxi) to get us fuel for the generator. Great day today, and tomorrow we are out to the villages and should have the whole team together. Again, thanks for all the Prayers! God is Good!


     During Christ ministries on earth He performed many miracles of physical healing. These miracles not only validated who Christ is, but most of all created a bridge for the greatest miracle of all. One of the hardest things to accept on these trips is that we can not help everyone nor is it our job to. We are performing physical “works” to build bridges of love that will point towards the Messiah! Because He lives I can face tomorrow! These were the words song to our team by a group of orphan girls who have been living off of only bananas for days. Lord willing the dresses will arrive and they will have a clean garment to wear soon! Thank you for your prayers and praise His name! Luke 17:10


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