05/02/14 Luke 17:10

I and the members of VBC in Baguio City Philippines wanted to thank you and the medical team for coming to minister to the folk in Baguio City. This is the first time we have had a medical team come to our church to help in the way that you all did. What made it a real blessing was the number of professions of faith we had that day. We had 127 professions of faith in Christ. What a blessing to see peoples physical needs met by these dear folk from America, but we also rejoice even more in the decisions for Christ that were made that day. We all at VBC and others would like to THANK YOU for you sacrificial labors in our church. Your presence and help had opened doors to people who normally would never step into a Baptist Church. May the Lord bless you ten fold for your medical efforts around the world.

Kevin Bennett…

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