Isaiah 26:12

     Traveled to Katuusu today and ran into our friend Jane. She is doing amazing and IMG_7544_3received a pair of glasses and two new pillow case dresses to boot! Many physical needs were met today, but none compare to the eternal decisions made by many individuals, including our bus driver Fred! Continue to pray as God is working in Uganda. Remember nothing happens by chance, but by divine appointment. “Lord, you will establish peace for us, since You have also have performed for us all our works.” Isaiah 26:12


     Busy, busy day doing God’s work. We were in the village of Katuusu today. For those that don’t know, this village was very heartbreaking for many of us last year. We met a man with a terrible wound on his leg and a very sweet young girl named Jane that had parasites in her hands and feet. The man with the leg wound is still suffering from his wound, I am sad to report and we didn’t have a chance to see him today but the local pastor stays in touch with him. We will continue to pray for him. As for Jane, I am blessed to tell you, she is doing great! She came to see us and brought us her report card, she is an excellent student with top marks! Doc Cheatwood did a filling for her, she got some new reading glasses and Justin had two pillowcase dresses that fit her. After all of that, Jane brought the team a bag of bananas she picked…no words can express how grateful we are to have met Jane. The Dental team saw 53 patients and Bill and Grace handed out 72 pairs of glasses. Was a wonderful day. And maybe the best news of all, Doc went through an Evangicube with a group this afternoon. Afterwards, Fred, who has been our bus driver both trips, received Christ as his Lord and Savior! Amen.


     Doctor John, and I extracted 8 horrific teeth from a man today. He was crippled from a P1000663fall. The pastor had to carry him to the clinic today. I was ready for a repeat from last at this village. Finished with this patient and Jane walked in. What an awesome contrast to the situation. God is Great!


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