Josh’s story.

Hi, my name is Josh Potter.

    I am 20 years old and I recently got back from a missions trip to Myanmar with Dental Vision Missions. Im not a dentist or even an optometrist so you may ask; why would you go on a trip focused on dental and Vision aid? In fact I’ve never pulled a tooth or prescribed glasses. ( well that was before now) This trip was so much greater than providing physical aid. Our lives are temporary, our heath is temporary, this world is temporary, but our salvation is everlasting.

    Dental vision mission started with a man who had a true gift. This gift was recognized and used genuinely for the purpose all gifts from God are intended to be used. Gayle Cheatwood, a dentist, uses his practice, his gifts, to bring life to people and glorify God.

    We are all created by God in His image with unique gifting, passions, talents, and abilities to bright glory to God. Over
the two weeks in Myanmar I was able to effectively walk in who God has created me to be as well as learn more about who I am.

    The team and I set up clinics every day to, not only provide aid, but more importantly show the love and goodness of God through actions.

    While in Myanmar we were very blessed to come along side an organization called Silver Lining to hold the opening ceremony for their orphanage. God blessed us so well by placing us in Myanmar for the start of this great work He started.

    I can’t wait to be a part of these kids lives and watch them grow. No, I’m not a dentist, but I know why God has created me. He has created my to bring glory to Him and spread the life that only He can provide to a dying world. This calling is my qualification. We are all qualified as believers to live out Gods calling.